Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scary start to September

Wow, 3 posts in one night, you all should be impressed!
September is a great month, the weather gets a bit cooler, the leaves are changing and it's FOOTBALL time. My little brother #54 is an awesome player for the freshmen Lone Peak team and I love to brag about him. Here are a few shots of his 1st game!

That's right, they won 38 to nothing, poor Payson. My brother Scotty turned 15 this last week and my dad took him and 3 friends to our family's cabin for a party weekend. However it didn't turn out to be such a party. Here is a link to the Channel 2 News Report on their weekend.

After this Dylan and I also got a CO (Carbon Monoxide) detectors and I hope this will help make you all aware of this real dangerl. This happened on a Saturday night and at about 12:30am there was pounding on our door. We ran to answer it and it was my mom and sister. On their way home from a movie they got the call from the hospital about the boys and my dad being poisoned. They came straight over to our house. We calmed her down and drove to Mount Pleasant to be at the hospital with them. It was a really long and scary night. What a blessing that it ended the way it did. It really makes you stop and look at how precious life is. It can be taken from you so quickly. I love my dad and brother with all my heart and I can't imagine life without either one of them in it. I love you guys! O ya and Happy Birthday Scotty!

August 2008

August. . . . .

Jennie, my baby sister, turned 21! Wow she's all grown up. Next to her is her adorable boyfriend Mike, he also had a birthday in August!!! We love you!

After Dylan's new - old-found love for LEGOS, he decided it was time to get Colby our 5 year-old-nephew into them too. Colby came over for the day and they put 2 packs of Legos together. They had a blast and the best part was after they were all together they both played with them for about an hour. Dylan has a new best friend and Colby has a new favorite toy. I have a feeling this could get very expensive. ha ha

I manage a storage facility and one of the best things that happened this summer was getting a NEW GOLF CART!!! Bart our matenance guy is the best. Our old one had pretty much seen its last day about 2 years ago, so it was well overdue and very appriciated. Dylan and Colby posed for a picture to show off the new Cart!

Christina's aunt and I threw a baby shower for her (and Jackson). Her mom, grandma and sister came all they way from Oregon and her mother-in-law and other Grandmas came from Idaho and Colorado to be here for it. We had a great time and she got tons of cute stuff. I am so excited for Jackson to come, I'm sure I will be the favorite aunt.

Andrew, Christina, Dylan and I all went to the Jack Johnson Concert. He put on a great show. I have to say the best part was watching all the drunk people though. One lady came up to Dylan and wanted him to dance with her. He freaked out and just turned away from her like a shy little kid. His mom must have told him not to talk to strangers. lol

I had a great opportunity in August to try out Fashion photography. My friend Shannon referred me to her friend Carlene who just starting up her own clothing line. You should all check out her website Joncar Designs and let me know what you think! I was thrilled when she said she liked my work and asked me to do more for her. To be honest I loved it, it is now my 2nd favorite thing to shoot right after Weddings of course. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the shoot.

I also wanted to thank a few of my wonderful friends who came to model for me. Tiffany, Shannon, and Sasha, you are all beautiful! Also I want to thank Carlene for giving me the chance to branch out and try something new. I can't tell you how much fun I had and how much I loved every minute of it, although I was really nervous. I am getting a little obsessed about the new area of photography. In fact, you can ask Dylan. Everyone I see I ask him if they would be a good model or not, I'm now always looking for new poses, and getting fashion magazines to look at. Everywhere we go I'm looking for new places that the fashion shoot would work for. For my birthday Dylan took me to Salt Lack City and said I could do anything I wanted. You know what I did. . . . walked around for 2 days finding new places to take pictures. It was a great success and I found all sorts of awesome spots. Dylan is so supportive of me and my passion for photography. I'm also going to try to get my buisness blog started soon and I'll post a few of my finds from our weekend in SLC. I'll let you know when it acctually happens.

Speaking of my birthday I had a great one this year. It was more like a birthday month rather than just one day, but I'm not complaning. I spent a weekend in SLC with Dylan, and every week in august he gave me a presant. (i'm so spoiled, thanks babe). On my birthday I hung out with my mom we went to the pool, and made cards. She also set up breakfast with my sister Jen and brother Scotty and my other sister Tiff for lunch. It was a fun day thanks! We also had a birthday dinner at my parents' house on Sunday and my mom made ice cream cake, my favorite! The next Sunday we had a birthday dinner with my mother-in-law Cheryl, sister-in-law Kelsey, her hubby Murray, his mom Debbie and their nephew Gage. We ate Lasagna and after that had Bannana cake. Then we went to Red Robin for another birthday dinner with our good friends Andrew and Christina. I'm sad to now be in my late 20's but life is wonderful. I have so much to be thankful for. A wonderful family, great friends, awesome job, and so many things to look forward to in the future.

Ok, last but not least, FOOTBALL season has finally begun! My all time favorite sport might I add! One of Dylan's friends from work, Jason, got us season tickets with his wife and him in the student section. Guess where our seats are??? O ya, front and second row north end zone. The 1st game against Northern Iowa was a blast. We won 41 to 17. Thanks Jason and Heather for the great tickets. !

OK, one more monumental event from August. . . . our Bishop got released. Bishop Bartholomew has been our Bishop since we moved to Orem 2 and a half years ago. I know that may sound like a weird thing to blog about but this man changed our lives. He will never know all that he did for us and I just want to thank him. He has the neatest wife and I look up to her so much as well. I also want to thank her and her children for sharing their husband and father with us these past few years. I know that the Lord is aware of each of us and gives us Bishops to help us, lead us and support us. I know that no one else could have done for us the things this man has, and I know it is because of the Lord that he was able to do them. I have cried over this more than I thought possible. Bishop thank you from the bottom of my heart.

July 2008

OK, I know I have been really bad at posting all summer, however we did tons of fun things and took TONS of great pictures. Where to start. . . . .

Top Left Picture: Jennie, Christina and I went to a Women's Expo in Sandy this summer. They convinced me to get a extension in my hair, a PINK one to be more specific. I've asked Dylan a million times if I could get one and he always said no. I don't know why I wanted one really but its that small rebellious side coming out in me I guess. Anyway I caved and got the pink hair. I loved it and come to find out Dylan did too. The day I had him take it out for me, he said I could get a new one if I wanted. As fun as it was I think it will be a while before I get any more pink hair.

Top Middle picture: Dinner with the Paxmans!!! Andrea and Nate are some of our favorite people. Nate grew up next door to our family in Orem. We have been friends for um. . . . about 18 years (since I was 8, that makes me feel old). Every year on the 1st day of school my mom would line us (all the neighbor kids) all up on the couch or the front step and take a picture. I wanted to find one of those pictures really bad to put on with this post but I can't fine one. I'll keep looking. We had such a great time eating and hanging out. All the kids are close to the same ages and had a ball playing together. Thanks for having us up!

Top right picture: Christina came up to Logan with me to shoot a wedding. What a great assistant she made. She had some awesome ideas and was really helpful. Althought we were pretty much soaking wet from the heat, I'd say we had a pretty fun day. Thanks for coming with me!!

Middle left picture: Dylan decided that it had been a long enough dry spell from the LEGO days and bought a kit to see if he still had the touch. What do you know 3 hours latter that is what I saw. He loves legos and now every time we go to the store we not only have to stop in the electronic department but the toy department too. I love you my little LEGO man.

Middle right picture: Dylan and I celebrated our 4th anniversary of coming home from our missions this month. The time really does go by so fast.

Bottom left picture: Happy Birthday to Cheryl and Murray!!! We went to Las Hermonos for dinner and it was so fun. They sang to them and they both danced and had a great time. We love you both so much!

Bottom middle and right picture: For the 4th of July weekend this year we went to our family cabin down in Fairview. My whole family was there and our good friends the Colman's came too. (well some of them, the cool ones) We took 4-wheelers, a canoe, games, the Wii, and lots of food. We had such a great time. It was so nice to be away from work, phones, and life. Dylan got so burned that he was red for about 2 months, it's just starting to go away now. (so sad, I hope our kids don't get that skin). We just wanted to thank Mom and Dad for a wonderful weekend away.