Monday, February 1, 2010

Fall 2009

This fall was really busy hence the NO BLOG POSTS for over 6 months. Anyway here are of the few of the fun things we did!
Michelle's Baby Shower! Christina and I made our 1st Diaper Cake! It turned out so cute!!!Jack just hanging out at the shower!

Congrats Michelle we are so happy for you!!!

Halloween!!! Can you tell who Dylan is???? I'll give you a hint . . . . Gill is in the jar!

Wing night!! This has become Eric, McKay and Dylan's favorite boys night out tradition, however they made an exception and let us girls tag along this time!!!

Hang out time with Eric and Cynthia, We are so lucky to have such COOL Neighbors!!!

Hanging out with my favorite little people!!! Are they adorable or what???

August 2009

My Birthday!!!

Lunch at Red Lobster with Andrew, Christina and my favorite little buddy Jack!

Yummy Birthday Cake, thanks to Christina!!!