Monday, August 24, 2009

Summer fun!

This Summer I was so lucky I got to spend a lot of time with Tiff and the kids at the pool. (My very favorite summer past time.) Here are a few of the pictures we took.

I love you guys.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July

This year for the 4th we did things a bit different. We went to Idaho and spent time with Dylan's Aunt Gay, Uncle Joe and cousin Sheana! They had a TNT Fire Work stand and they let us come help them this year. It was really fun and we made some good extra money too. Here are a few of the goofy pictures we took. . . . .Thanks For letting us come up we had a great time!!!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Summer hair!!

A few weeks ago now I was fretting over my hair and how it was boring and hot. Dylan said well why don't you cut it then. So. . . . I did! I love it, easy light and fun! What do you think?

Monday, June 8, 2009

4th anniversary

I know it was more than a month ago but I took pictures so I could post . . . so I figured now is better than never . . . right??? lol

Dylan and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary on May 5, 2009. Our gift to each other was a little get away to Logan. We stayed in a bed and Breakfast and had a great time. We watched 4 movies including Dylan's new favorite movie of the year "Star Trek", and a few others. We ate Great food, did a little shopping, relaxed and enjoyed the beautiful drive up and back.

I will not get too mushy but I do want to Tell Dylan how much I love him. He does so much for me and I don't tell him enough how grateful I am for him and how much I love him. In our few short years as a married couple we have had a blast! I can say it has been the best 4 years of my life! I didn't say easy but any good thing you have to work at. Dylan thanks for all you do for me, I and so proud of you and hope you know I support you in all you do. I love you honey!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


For Valentines (I know it was a long time ago but it was so cute I have to blog about it.) Dylan had flowers delivered to me. Not only did he send me one vase of Tulips he sent me TWO, at different times during the day. How sweet is that? They were so beautiful I made him take a picture with me.

Tulips are my favorite flower and always have been. Every year aroud our anniversery Dyl and I take a drive up to Temple Square and wander the grounds Oohing and Ahhing over all the beautiful tulips. (Yes even Dylan Oohs and Ahhs). I always take my big camera, take too many pictures and usually do nothing with them. This year I just took our little point and shoot Nikon Cool Pix L5 due to the past years. However a few of them turned out really cool. I wish I would have had my big Nikon D300 to capture the detail better and had more control of my settings but over all I like them! So I decided to share a few below!!!
You always have to take a few sillys ones right??? The ones below are a little more serious.


My sisters cat had Kittens. I had never seen new baby kittens and they are so cute! Here are a few pictures!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Clifornia Vavation 2

So after I stayed with Lisa and Doug I flew to L.A. for a few days to hang out with Gal Pals Rachel and Camille. We had a blast, talking till all hours of the night, shopping, eating great food, and much much more. Here are a few pic's!

shopping by the beach! I got a great dress at H&M, we need on here its' fab!

Great cupcakes! (they better be we waited in line for about 30 min)

I love a good art museum and this one was awesome! I wish it was closer it would be an awesome place to do pictures at!

Who doesn't love a FREE day at Disneyland. My moms cousin works there wan got me in or FREEEEEEE. Thanks Judy that was so fun!

On my last day we painted some furniture yellow, what a blast!
Rachel and Camille thanks for such a fun time!

Friday, March 13, 2009

California Vacation!!!

So for Valentines Dylan gave me. . . . . A California get away with some of my Favorite people. Lisa my MTC Comp is now living in California with her sweet husband and adorable baby Joel. I was able to go see them for 4 days and had such a great time hanging out and seeing San Fransisco for the 1st time. Joel is absolutely the most easy going baby ever. He just sits and smiles or sleeps all day long no joke. I love this little boy so much it was hard to say good bye. Anyway thanks you guys for letting me stay and hang out I had a blast! The pictures below are in Lake County where they live.

The Golden Gate Bridge!!!
Our day in San Fransisco! What a cool City

One last thing . . . Cute baby Joel