Sunday, June 22, 2008

Pocatello and Grandma Thornton's Birthday!!!

What a weekend!!! Friday night, we left for the beautiful metropolis that is Pocatello, Idaho. Why Pocatello you ask? Well, we had a very important engagement there. My Grandma Thornton was going to have her 80th Birthday Party (or as she learned from my aunt - we were celebrating the 10th anniversary of her 8th birthday).

Maybe I should back up for a minute. Earlier in the week, Emily started to not feel good. On Thursday, she even went to the doctor. I hadn't seen her this sick for a long time, so I was worried, and we started contemplating not going to the party. Well, on Friday afternoon, when it came time to head out she was feeling good enough to drive (thank goodness that it's only 2 1/2 hours up there).

On the way up, we stopped in Bountiful and met up with my Aunt Kathryn and cousins at Pace's Dairy Ann (I have absolutely no idea what a "Dairy Ann" is) to have Rainbows (a slush with soft serve ice cream in it - delicious). It was good to see them all - and my cousin Katy's cute new baby. Once we left Pace's and Bountiful, we cruised the rest of the way - due largely in part to the wonderful music of my "Guitar Hero" playlist on my iPod.

We arrived safely, albeit a little later than we had planned. We checked in and found our room (all 5 of us stayed in the same room). We saw everybody really quick, but Emily and I had to go grab something to eat because she was not feeling good at all (look at the photo in the slideshow). We got her some chicken noodle soup at WinCo and went back to the hotel room and she ate and we went to bed.

The next morning (Saturday) the whole family was invited over to Lee Riley's house for breakfast. My grandma worked in Lee's salon for many, many years. Once we finished up there, people went about their various errands in preparation for the party that evening. Emily, Murray, Kelsey, and I went back to the hotel room. Emily promptly fell asleep (remember she's been sick) Murray and I tried to hook up the Xbox to play Halo, but the hotel's TVs "don't do that." - Front desk worker. So, after a long 5 hour nap (that was plan B for us), we got ready for the party - and off we went.

The party was a lot of fun. We got to see people that I hadn't seen in years. It was quite entertaining - including an impromptu cheerleading performance by my aunts and my dad and a close family friend. There was delicious food, and the cake was stellar. Oh, and yes we did really light 8-0 candles (that's 80, one for each year - you know how that works). Grandma seemed to have a great time.

Emily and I love Grandma Thornton, she is the life of the party wherever she goes and keeps the family together. For her party.

On Sunday morning, we got up early to meet everyone for breakfast. It was good to chat one last time before we had to leave. Thanks to everyone for all that they did to make that party so great!

The drive home was somewhat uneventful - we made really good time. Kelsey slept most of the way - but I didn't (that wouldn't have been good). We got home safe and sound and now we can blog about it!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

U2 Lazer Show

Our good friends Rachel and Sean are here for the summer. Last weekend the 4 of us had dinner at the Red Iguana & went to the U2 Lazar show. The Mexican food was wonderful! I'm not sure how I've lived here pretty much my whole like and never gone there. Don't worry now that I know about it, they won't be able to keep me away. After dinner we saw the Lazar show and I was pretty impressed. My stomach flipped a few times, and I got a little dizzy(that's a good sign). The music awesome of course and we decided they can make a U2 version of Guitar Hero. After the show was over Dylan got a little excited about the gift shop and we caught him playing with all sorts of random gadgets. Still a kid at heart, o how cute!

Thanks to Rachel and Sean for a great night out, we are so glad you are here for the summer (or part of it at least).

Happy Fathers Day

My dad and I have always shared a special bond and lets be honest I'm his "Little Princess"! Growing up I loved to do anything my dad liked, just so I could be with him. We shared lots of fun times and after a while I really did enjoy all of these things. . . . BYU football, drawing, trying to fix things in or around the house, fishing at 5am, shooting on Thanksgiving, yard work, even watching Star Trek or M.A.S.H. after the news at night. I always knew that he loved me and that he would do anything for me.
My dad is the kind of guy who would give the shirt of his back to someone he doesn't even know if he thought they might need it. He taught me how to work hard, never give up and follow my dreams. I sure love you Dad, thanks for all the fun times and great memories.

(This is now Dylan) - Em's Dad is a great guy! He has taught her to love some very important things in life, football definately being one of them. Like she said, he's taught her how to work hard and has been so supportive of us both.

I also have a good father-in-law. We share the love for photography and he has taught me some pretty cool things. Thanks for all that you do! Happy Fathers day!

(This is Dylan - again.) My dad and I are alike in many ways. We like many of the same foods, some of the same activities (Wii!!!), and share many opinions. He has been supportive of whatever I've wanted to do in life, even if he didn't agree. He's a really hard worker, he always needs to be doing something - otherwise he'll fall asleep sitting straight up. One thing I remember is that when I was young, he used to love vanilla ice cream with "magic" shell (the chocolate stuff that you put on ice cream and it got hard) and he would sit down to eat it and watch Jay Leno, but invariably he fell asleep - and would always wake up once the ice cream had completely melted. Now when I sit down at night and the same thing happens (which it does - all the time) I know where it's come from. Thanks Dad for all you do for Emily and I. Happy Fathers Day!