Sunday, November 30, 2008

Christmas Time!

This will be our 4th Christmas Married. Wow how time flys when you're having fun! This weekend Dylan and I put up the Christmas tree. We decided to do a grown up tree and bought all new ornaments. The talking star trek ornaments will have to stay in the box this year!

Below a little blast from the past!

Dylans new Eyes!

Dylan got LASIK!!! This is right after his surgery!

He was told to come home and sleep, thats what he did. Take a look at the bug eyes he had to wear. ha ha

Now take a look at my man! What a HOTTIE!!!!

Last day in the Big Apple!

I waited all week to go to the MET and when we got there found out it was closed. I was so sad. O well I guess that just means we have to come back!
We then stopped in at the COOLEST Candy store ever. "Dylan's Candy Bar". They had candy in the floor, the walls and on the ceiling. They had evet candy you could ever want. It is a childs dream come true! We bought Dylan a 2lbs candy bar all because it had his name on it!! He hasn't eaten a bite of it yet.
We packed up and headed to the airport. This was an adventure to say the least. We waled to the subway and from there to the air train and from there to the airport shuttle and from there to the airport. Lets just say next time I'll go in the middle of the night and take a cab. Suit cases and stairs and tons of people are not my idea of a good time. We made it home safe and sound!
We love the Big Apple, what a fun trip!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New York day 5

Empire State Buliding, you could actually feel the building moving in the wind and there were so many people you could hardly see let alone walk anywhere.

A little shopping in time square, and lunch at Gray's Paya!
Central Park time!
We went to Strawberry Fields in Central Park. It was awesome, tons of chalk drawings on the ground and people playing Beatles music.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Day 4 in New York

Saturday morning we went to the Manhattan Temple. When you get off the subway you can't even tell it is the building on the corner. It is really hidden but beautiful. In the picture on the bottom right corner that is the subway stairs, and through the trees is where the Temple is. We took some family names and it was a good experience.

Steve took the day off work to show us around for the day. He took us to this AMAZING pizza place for lunch called GRIMALDI'S. We waited in line outside for about an hour and I was worried it wasn't going to be worth it. However it was and I mean it. I'd wait in that line again and again and again. They don't make pizza like that here in the West. If you ever go to New York this is a must do. Great food, fun experience and it's in Brooklyn. COOL!

This was the coolest door and bike. I had a tone of fun shooting it and then playing with it in photoshop.
The Brooklyn Bridge was so neat. We walked across it and took tons of pics here are a few of my faves.
After the play we went to a Jazz Club by Steve's house called "Cleopatra's Needle". We ate cheese cake, humus, and french fries (ramdom assortment of foods I know).
The music was really good and the whole time I kept saying how they trumpet player was really outstanding. I was so impressed by him. Come to find out it was Wynton Marsalis! He composed alot of the music for the PBS series "The War" and has a tone of albums out. If you have never heard his stuff get on itunes and check him out. Dyl and Steve drinking Root Beer on the left.

STEVE thanks for a awesome day we had such a great time. Also THANKS for letting us stay with you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day 3 in New York

The UN!
The General Assemble HallAnother really cool light post with UN & American Flags on it.

A cute little park by the UN. This lady was with out a doubt "The Brird Lady" Check out the outfit. Cool old Taxi
Rockefeller Center! COOL PLACE

FAO Schwartz, the big TOY Store. IT was so cool. We need one here ASAP!
This is for CHERYL, they had really cute cloths for really Cheap however. . . the line to try things on was out of control and I wasn't in the mood to wait so we looked and kept on going. I need to go back when i have a girl with me who also wants to shop and wait in line. HA HA. I love ya Dyl

I'm not sure what Church this was at but they had the most amazing stain glass windows. I wanted to take a million pictures but Dyl was a little weird about it so I only got a few this is my favorite!

Day 3 was tons of walking but we saw so many cool things. Everyone should go to New York it is GREAT!

More pictures from our New York trip!

Day 2
Our 1st stop the Statue of Liberty!

Fire station across the street from from Ground Zero

Dylan in the subway on our way to the broadway show WICKED!!!


Wicked was AWESOME! Worth every penny, I'd even pay it again.

Monday, November 3, 2008


I've been harassed since the min we got home about blogging about our trip. I have been so busy catching up with work since coming home that I have yet to post any pictures or story's. So I thought tonight I would post about day 1.
We got to the air port and was told that my Drivers License had expired. The airport lady gave me such a hard time about it I thought they weren't going to let me on the plane and I was in tears. However by now I'm sure you all know we made it but it was a bit of a rocky start and Dylan was not happy with me because I had no idea that it had expired at all. Lets just say that was on the top of my "To Do" list for the day we go home. We took a red eye flight to New York and we thought it was an OK idea. However. .. don't think we'll do it again. Neither of us could really sleep and it was HOT as Hates on the plane.
We arrived in JFK at about 4:30am and took a Cab to our friend Steve's house. He was nice enough to give up his bed and room to us for the whole week. We love you Steve, thanks!!! We went right to bed and didn't get up till about 10am. That was O so nice!!! We were then off to our 1st museum, the Natural History Museum. We had a fun time checking out all the cool stuff that s on the "Night at the Museum" Movie. Here are a few pics of us by some pretty crazy big statues.
After the museum we thought we'd check out Central Park. We walked around for about 2 hours and about 50 miles. OK not 50 but I haven't had sore feet like that since the mission. Man we did a lot of walking. Her are some of my pics from the park. O and yes Dylan loved letting me stop about every 10 steps for a photo opp that's his favorite thing to do on vacation. ha ha
After that nice long walk in the park we headed down to Time Square. It was so amazing. Big reminder of Seoul, it was really busy, and SUPER people watching!

That night we grabbed some pizza on our way home and went to bed!