Thursday, April 24, 2008

Weekend in IDAHO!!!

A couple of weeks ago, Em and I had the chance to go to Idaho and visit my Aunt Gay, Uncle Joe, and my Cousin Sheena. We also were lucky because my grandma from Arizona had flown up there just a few days prior to our arrival. We also took wedding pictures of Em's "cousin" Andrea and her "darling" (Em told me to write that) new husband. We had a great time, and of course as our pseudo-tradition holds, there's a picture of us at the state line, letting the whole world know that, yes we did in fact go to Idaho. We seem to do that on every trip. When we went to San Diego, we must have been sleeping or something because neither of us saw one. (I really didn't mind, because I think it's weird to pull off the road to just take a picture with a sign.) We had a wonderful time up there, and as always - lots of great adventures (we're regular Indiana Jones types). We got to try out sleeping on a Sleep-Number Bed which I loved - but I kept changing my mind on what my number was (inflating, deflating, inflating, deflating, etc.) I even helped to take some pictures! I'm pretty proud of myself for that. However, we both were a little trigger happy and took over 1000 pictures in 2 days - ah the joys of digital cameras! If you want to see some of the pictures - keep checking Em's website for updates!

Four Eyes!

I know it has been a long while since we have posted, however I have to remind you all that we are fairly boring people and don't do all that much that you would really want to read about. Anyway. . . After our trip to San Diego Dylan was SURE I had bad eyes. Every time he asked me to read a sign for him I couldn't read it till we were really close and by that time it was too late. Then one night watching the Jazz game I kept asking what the score was because all the #'s looked the same. Once again he said I should go get my eyes checked. I told him it was really no big deal. Then the last straw was one Sunday in church when I told him the Hymn numbers were blurry. After that he called Kelsey for me (his sister who works for an eye Doctor) and asked her to make me an appointment. I didn't really want to but I was not really given a choice. And . . .well as you can tell from the lovely picture of me above, I did indeed need glasses. To be honest now that I have them I am amazed how clear everything is. Its a world of difference. Mostly when reading signs, hymn # and the Jazz Score of course. ha ha
I couldn't resist putting the lovely picture of Dylan on also so as to take a bit of the attention off me. Doesn't he look like some one we all know and love???? O ya my dad. (love you to dad!!!)